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Surecell Data Solutions Provides Call Detail Records Analysis, Detailed Map Making, Expert Witness Services, and Training Courses for Litigators and Law Enforcement 

What Sets Us Apart From Our Competition?

Our experts and trainers are experienced real world radio frequency (RF) engineers. We have all designed, built and optimized 3G, 4G LTE, and 5G networks for major carriers across the country including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. We know the mobile networking and cell tower landscape inside and out, allowing our analyses and testimony to hold up against the toughest cross- examination in court. 

We've all seen that person. Drivers who are always looking at their phones and never at the road.   Then the inevitable happens, they crash into someone. Instead of admitting fault, they go hire a lawyer to sue the people that they just hit!


At Surecell Data Solutions,  we're able to assist attorneys that represent insurance companies and other firms incurring liability from the negligent actions of irresponsible drivers.  


If your clients suspect that a plaintiff was illegally texting while driving before an accident, a subpoena can be issued to obtain their call records for the date and time in question. From those records, we can determine if any illegal actions had taken place around the time of the accident. We're then able to certify our findings in detail with included mapping aids. This data helps in reaching a reduced settlement or having the lawsuit dismissed altogether.  



Our team of experts are trained in recognizing distinct patterns and unusual behavior in carrier provided call records. We're able to determine if someone was either texting,  using data or on a call during a specific time. Furthermore, we are typically able to narrow their location down to a 1/2 mile to 3-mile radius. This helps in confirming whereabouts during an incident.



"A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"

Subpoenaed cell phone records allow us to plot the locations and times of the questioned call activity to Google Maps which is accurate and accepted in court.  An informative and easy to follow visual is key in telling the story and exposing the entire picture to the jury and other decision makers.



Certified Experts in Local, State, and Federal Court

At Surecell Data Solutions, our experts are network engineers with years of courtroom experience. We are the best at delivering complex technical information in a credible, persuasive and understandable manner for a judge, arbitrator or jury. 



Surecell Data Solutions offers both instructor-led and online training for civil litigators and law enforcement on the basic principles of cellular networks and understanding call detail records. Attorneys, private investigators, and police officers are able to use this training to properly obtain, interpret, and utilize call detail records.



Surecell Data Solutions

3436  Magazine Street. 

New Orleans, LA 70115

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